A sample erc20 token
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ERC20 token with the following functionality

  1. ERC20 basic contract
  2. Owner can pause unpause the contract

Development env settings


  1. Clone this repo. Nodejs and npm are assumed to be installed.
  2. Check versions - node -v => v9.3.0, npm -v => 5.6.0
  3. Install truffle sudo npm install -g truffle@4.0.4
  4. Download ganache (http://truffleframework.com/ganache/) personal ethereum blockchain.
    • Linux: Set permissions on it chmod u+x ganache-1.1.0-beta.0-x86_64.AppImage
    • MacOS: Install from Ganache-1.1.0-beta.0.dmg
  5. Under acmetoken do npm install zeppelin-solidity@1.6.0 to install the solidity libraries

Compile and deploy on local testnet (truffle.js uses the default Ganache settings)

  1. truffle compile - this compiles solidity contracts under contracts/ folder
  2. Run ganache
    • Linux: ./ganache-1.1.0-beta.0-x86_64.AppImage
    • MacOS: open -a ganache
  3. truffle migrate --reset - this deploys using the default n/w. Else specify using --network


Running tests

Manual tests using truffle console

  1. Run ganache
    • Linux: ./ganache-1.1.0-beta.0-x86_64.AppImage
    • MacOS: open -a ganache
  2. Open truffle console using this command from the project directory truffle console
  3. In the console you can perform following test
    • var acme = AcmeToken.at(AcmeToken.address)
    • acme.paused() should show false
    • acme.pause() should execute the pause call that you can verify in Ganache
    • acme.paused() should show true as the state in the contract is now changed


  1. React app to play with certain features of the contract
    • Display Pause state of the scripts
    • Display total supply state of the scripts
    • Toggle button to Pause /Unpause based on pause state ( note : this is a txn action so would need to use wallet like metamask )
  2. Add tasks
Tested with following versions:
  1. node v9.3.0 , npm 5.6.0
  2. Truffle v4.0.4 (core: 4.0.4)
  3. Solidity v0.4.18 (solc-js)
  4. Zeppelin-solidity v1.6.0
  5. Ganache 1.0.1