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Only Docker

Running Docker as PID 1. This is an experiment to see if I can build a system that boots with only the Linux kernel and the Docker binary and nothing else. Currently I have a proof of concept running that seems to indicate this is feasible. You may be of the opinion that this is awesome or the worst idea ever. I think it's interesting, so let's just go with that.


Currently I only have this running under KVM and VirtualBox.


Download only-docker.tar.gz from releases

tar xvzf docker-only.tar.gz


Create a VM that boots from dist/only-docker.iso


  1. Create ramdisk that has Docker binary copied in as /init
  2. Register a new reexec hook so that Docker will run differently as init
  3. On start Docker will
  4. Create any devices needed in dev
  5. Mount /proc, /sys, cgroups
  6. Mount LABEL=DOCKER to /var/lib/docker if it exists
  7. Start regular dockerd process
  8. Network bootstrap
  9. Do 'docker run --net host dhcp` to do DHCP
  10. Run "dom0" container
  11. Start a priviledge container that can do further stuff like running udev, ssh, etc

The "dom0" container follows a model very similar to Xen's dom0. It is a special container that has extra privileges and runs basically like it is the host OS but it happens to be in a container. Pretty cool to think about the idea of upgrading/restarting this container without a system reboot.


I currently have something running in KVM. I'm using some shell scripts because it was faster then trying to write all this in native go. I've kept that in mind though and purposely kept the scripts to very basic tasks I know can be easily done in go.

There are two main scripts: init and init is intended to be the code in Docker that runs before the daemon is fully initialized. is the code that runs after the Docker daemon is started that does the DHCP and launching the "dom0" container.


  1. Docker still needs iptables binary, which in turn needs modprobe.
  2. Since I need to bootstrap DHCP I bundle a Docker image in the initrd that I can import on start. This means I can't have only the Docker binary.
  3. How do you shutdown? I guess it's a crash only design :)

But I don't see Docker as PID 1?

When the system boots and you get a console your in a container. If you run ps you just see the container's processes. By default a console is spawned on VT2 (Alt-F2) that is in the host OS. If you switch to that console and run ps you will see that Docker is PID 1.


The console container is launched using the image labeled console-image:latest. If one does not exist busybox will be used if /dev/sda was not mounted, or debian if /dev/sda was mounted. To use a different image just pull your custom image and then label it as console-image:latest and then exit out of your console. A new container will be launched.

Adding storage

By default this runs using only ram which makes start up slow and limits the amount of images you can pull. If you want to add storage then add a formated disk as /dev/sda (not /dev/sda1, don't partition it, just format the raw disk). The KVM script automatically attaches a formatted disk. To format a disk in VirtualBox then just do the following after boot.

docker pull debian:latest
docker tag debian:latest console-image:latest
mke2fs -j /dev/sda

Now reboot the virtual machine.


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