@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Mar 19, 2018

Assets 3

Fixed a warning in ibus-anthy.appdata.xml (#5) 3a6b250
Fix page_up, page_down, candidate_clicked (#6) 6e2f949
Fixed circle_typing_method for Alt-Romaji, Ctrl-/ bba0f38
Added Shift-F7 shortcut key to convert all to Katakana b87c593
tests: Add automation testing 341964a cd7568c 190bde7 ec02cbd 6d843d0 34e8b0c 942dcbd
Migrated DConf to GSettings ae039c7 89f8ddf
Added ISSUE_TEMPLATE e0e6492
Updated emoji dictionary c84870e 759bd0d 73282df
Added po/es.po po/cs.po e65e7bf 1f18f7a