Latest release


@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Aug 17, 2016 · 15 commits to master since this release

  • Don't warn if DISPLAY is not set (Matthias Clasen) 0432aa6
  • Install a DBus service file (Rui Matos) 84c18f1
  • configure: don't hardcode pkg-config (Marc-Antoine Perennou) b210c0d
  • conf/gconf: Fix SEGV in ibus_config_gconf_get_values a186059
  • client/gtk2: Fix SEGV with Wayland display 3ef21fe
  • ui/gtk3: Fix panel CSS format for GTK 3.20 a598ae2
  • engine: Implement Emoji typing with XKB engines 160d3c9
  • engine: Add emoji-list.html 0ed644c
  • engine: Use annotations/en.xml from but not emoji-list.html 0ee1896
  • Fix typo in f88c487
  • tests/ibus-engine-switch: Don't try to remove non-existing GSource 20068d9
  • Fix make dist eee7a13
  • Fix Croatian language code in simple.xml 028624f
  • Replace deprecated GSimpleAsyncResult with GTask since GLib 2.46 239d363



@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Feb 22, 2016 · 30 commits to master since this release



@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Jan 20, 2016 · 36 commits to master since this release

  • check for x11 for the ui too (Marc-Antoine Perennou) c0ced65
  • ibus-daemon update user cache when user observed path is updated 1d67867
  • panel: Constrain the candidate area to the current monitor bounds (Alexey Kotlyarov) 4a8024b
  • panel: Fix the default position of property panel with dual monitors 3ebeb65
  • setup: Fix PyGIWarning: GdkX11 was imported without specifying a version 49f3a73
  • engine: Change language code from ISO 639-2 to ISO 639-1 in simple.xml 3af58fa


Release 1.5.11

@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Jul 16, 2015 · 47 commits to master since this release

  • dconf: Work around using dbus development builds and /etc/machine-id (Colin Walters) 49ee54f
  • Add ibus_keyval_convert_case and ibus_keyval_to_upper/lower methods (Peng Wu) 0ba6452
  • Add Swedish svdvorak in simple.xml (Albert Veli) f32e98f
  • Change ranks for minor keymaps in simple.xml 4a4bd5f
  • I18N for engine longnames on ibus-setup 8b18759 0215603
  • Put PropertyPanel at bottom right when desktop is KDE eb4ffa1
  • ibus-ui-gtk3: Draw gray color on PropertyPanel handle 020bd45
  • Fix compile error in client/x11/Makefile (Hodong Kim) cc88075 f6ba337
  • ibus-ui-gtk3: Enable absolute path of engine icon in KDE5 35d035b
  • ibus-ui-gtk3: Support language icon in KDE5. cb93cab 25593ed
  • xim: use gtk3 (Marc-Antoine Perennou) 4d49a66 0f9ea3d
  • Fix to show keyboard shortcuts in ibus-setup. 5d9109b
  • Fix to get X11 display name on GTK3 applications in GNOME Wayland ffdcc6c
  • Update xinput-ibus to check Qt5 libraries besides Qt4 ones 1a45642
  • Load locale compose files dynamically. 7ae585a 85f5433 3397fca
  • Set sync process_key_event in ibus-x11 b58351e
  • ibus-ui-gtk3: radio and check menu items work with GTK 3.16 64b8609
  • Support vertical writing with IBUS_INPUT_HINT_VERTICAL_WRITING 7fd6077
  • Enable to show a property on ibus panel icon 23c45b9


Release 1.5.10

@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Feb 25, 2015 · 85 commits to master since this release

  • Fix to lose a focus when move the focus from the delayed focus-in/out. f33e19b
  • Fix not to SEGV ibus-ui-gtk3 with wrong 'preload-engines' value. bb818e4
  • ibus-setup tries C since en_US.UTF-8 is not installed in Debian by default. by Osamu Aoki e250726
  • Remove "Release" modifiers key on ibus-setup. de3541d
  • Fixes ibus_engine_update_lookup_table_fast method by Peng Wu a7abce6
  • Fixes ibus_keyval_name method in c++ binding by Peng Wu f69ddc3
  • Carry current context content type into fake context when switching by Rui Matos 0977157
  • Show language rather than layout in xkb panel icon by Doug Rintoul 8f471ce
  • IMdkit: Track window property offsets correctly by Klemens Baum 576ebc3
  • Increase dbus timeout to 15 seconds 1b668f6
  • Run ibus_bus_preload_engines_async 30 seconds later in ibus-ui-gtk3 83451e4
  • gtk clients do not lose focus when chrome popup window takes the focus 38d3c5c
  • Release registry observed_paths and components if they are broken e6c8832
  • Add ibus panel icon for plasma-desktop in KDE5 aab56c2
Now ibus gtk panel enables AppIndicator when the desktop is KDE.
If you use KDE4, run ./configure --disable-appindicator in the build,
or do not set XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=KDE in the runtime.


Release 1.5.9

@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Sep 16, 2014 · 102 commits to master since this release

  • Enable preedit color on external preedit window with x11 applications. 2e8de03
  • Do not fail ibus-setup when en_US.UTF-8 is not installed. a78c0b8
  • Fix compose keys in French layout bepo variant. 6dcb2dd


Release 1.5.8

@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Jul 24, 2014 · 107 commits to master since this release

  • Set max-width-chars property in ibus-setup wrapped GtkLabel. 0be4664
  • Add German (nodeadkeys) keymap in simple.xml. 318836a
  • Delete Korean keymap. 386bafb
  • Let ibus-ui-gtk3 not to show zero-lenght preedit text. 3469285
  • Fix many memory leaks provided by Christophe Fergeau. 87fb61f f3e8aaf 18687d7 d0aaf77 ca8cac8 f4d7cea 70ddaf1 0d15329 167d1d7 5d887bd b07dedf 6291feb
  • Add Polish (qwertz) keymap in simple.xml ee4c5ec
  • Fix escape key with Ctrl+Shift+U ISO 14755. 9bad0c9
  • Update ibuscomposetable.h for pt-br. b6afffb
  • Set up ibus engines when users log into the session for the first time. 38fa3e8
  • Do not sort ibus engines when they are saved by ibus-setup. a530075
  • Update IBusKeymap jp. 8ef258e
  • Run xmodmap after run setxkbmap -l layout. 14bd938
  • Add ibus reset-config and read-config sub-commands. 3dcf247 9e5a2bd
  • Fix ibus-setup SEGV in 10483bf
  • Fix deprecated warnings with python3-gobject 3.13.3. a17dc8e
  • Export the 'IBUS_SETUP_XID' environment variable for each engine setup. b1b4e29
  • Fix deprecated gtk3 GtkMisc, GtkAlignment and vala Gdk.X11Display 130d310
  • Enhance UI to add engines on ibus-setup 3e6178c


Release 1.5.7

@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Apr 30, 2014 · 145 commits to master since this release

  • Add Czech (qwerty) keymap. 9782a20
  • Update supported vala version to 0.20. 18612e1
  • Send panel input purpose. 6ca5ddb
  • Keep track of content-type change after focus-in ca128d1
  • Fix leak in ibus_get_local_machine_id() 274c4f2
  • Do not show property panel by default. 98bf852
  • Do not move property panel with focus-in in case panel is always shown. 90d23e2


Release 1.5.6

@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Mar 7, 2014 · 155 commits to master since this release

  • data/dconf: Don't run "dconf update" if $(DESTDIR) is set e6ec45d
  • Support python3 8468de2
To enable python3, run './configure --with-python=python3' in ibus source directory.
  • Fix to show Property Panel when the mode is auto hide. c5d8676
  • Do not let property panel follow cursor when it's always shown. commit 644a749
  • Fix a build error of Gdk.EventKey with vala 0.23.2 b300a7f
  • Use XKB layout string instead of ibus-keyboard icon on panel. b233f57


Release 1.5.5

@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Jan 14, 2014 · 176 commits to master since this release

ibus 1.5.5 is released:

  • Add property panel for IME properties, whose appearance can be configured with ibus-setup.
    The default mode is auto-hide in which property panel can be shown by focus-in event or property changes and hid in 10 seconds or by cursor movement.
  • Add fr(oss) and sk(qwerty) XKB layouts.
  • Update compose tables when locale is en_US., el_GR., fi_FI.* or pt_BR.*.
  • Enable "Candidates orientation" on ibus-setup.