@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Aug 17, 2016 · 131 commits to master since this release

  • Don't warn if DISPLAY is not set (Matthias Clasen) 0432aa6
  • Install a DBus service file (Rui Matos) 84c18f1
  • configure: don't hardcode pkg-config (Marc-Antoine Perennou) b210c0d
  • conf/gconf: Fix SEGV in ibus_config_gconf_get_values a186059
  • client/gtk2: Fix SEGV with Wayland display 3ef21fe
  • ui/gtk3: Fix panel CSS format for GTK 3.20 a598ae2
  • engine: Implement Emoji typing with XKB engines 160d3c9
  • engine: Add emoji-list.html 0ed644c
  • engine: Use annotations/en.xml from unocode.org but not emoji-list.html 0ee1896
  • Fix typo in configure.ac f88c487
  • tests/ibus-engine-switch: Don't try to remove non-existing GSource 20068d9
  • Fix make dist eee7a13
  • Fix Croatian language code in simple.xml 028624f
  • Replace deprecated GSimpleAsyncResult with GTask since GLib 2.46 239d363

You can get emoji.json with npm install -g emojione or Fedora provides nodejs-emojione-json package.