@fujiwarat fujiwarat released this Mar 6, 2017 · 123 commits to master since this release

Assets 3
  • Fix GVariant leaks (Eric R. Schulz) 997e5cb
  • ui/gtk3: Fix radio buttons on Property Panel ceb6a9b
  • Update translations 708e5e5
  • Fix warning messages during panel resizes af66ace
  • src: Hide lookup table if emoji annotation does not hit e795eda
  • src: Enable to type digit to commit emoji on lookup window 4d86e59
  • src: Enable PageUp, PageDown, CandidateClick buttons with emoji lookup faf5e3c
  • ui/gtk3: support scroll event in candidates panel (Peng Wu) 52b7272
  • src: Avoid emoji typing during Unicode typing f80dcc9
  • ui/gtk3: Fix panel CSS format for GTK 3.22 aacf5ad
  • util/IMdkit: Fix the range of memset() in i18nIc.c 371535b
  • ui/gtk3: Refactor color of a selected candidate on lookup window bdc83bc
  • ui/gtk3: Free normal_color in CandidateArea b8f5553
  • ui/gtk3: Refactor to set panel icon b498ff5
  • ui/gtk3: Fix typo in switcher.get_input_context_path() fcb90f7
  • bus: fix service file when --disable-xim is specified (Marc-Antoine Perennou) 993289f
  • Fix memory leak in IBus.Bus.get_global_engine() (Eric R. Schulz) 0a24481
  • Move emoji implementation from IBusEngineSimple to IBusPanel 02d99aa
  • setup: Set emoji preview text on font setting 13bf503
  • Add 'ibus emoji' command for no ibus panel desktops c37989a
  • Release 1.5.15 f7f3bc8
  • Fix a build failure with --disable-emoji-dict 641c3cb

You can get emoji.json with npm install -g emojione or Fedora provides nodejs-emojione-json package.
You can get emoji annotation files from https://github.com/fujiwarat/cldr-emoji-annotation or Fedora provides cldr-emoji-annotation package.