A modular content CMS by Interaction Consortium.
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Deploy to Docker Cloud

ICEkit is a next-generation CMS by the Interaction Consortium, built on top of django-fluent-pages and django-fluent-contents. See ICEkit features at a glance.

ICEkit underpins GLAMkit and many individual sites.

Quickstart, with Docker

If you haven't already, install Docker:

Docker works on OS X, Linux, and Windows, takes care of all the project dependencies (e.g. database, search engine, web server, etc.), and makes deployment easy.

If you're not ready for Docker, see Manual Setup.

1. Create a new project

$ bash <(curl -Ls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ic-labs/django-icekit/master/icekit/bin/startproject.sh) {project_name}

This will create a new project from the ICEkit project template, in a directory named {project_name} in the current working directory.

NOTE: Windows users should run this command in Git Bash, which comes with Git for Windows.

2. Run the project

Build a Docker image:

$ cd {project_name}
$ docker-compose build --pull

Run a django container and all of its dependancies:

$ docker-compose run --rm --service-ports django

Create a superuser account:

# manage.py createsuperuser

Run the Django dev server:

# runserver.sh

3. That's it!

Open the site in a browser:


When you're done, exit the container and stop all of its dependencies:

# exit
$ docker-compose stop

Next steps