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Experiments using the Apache Zookeeper coordination middleware
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  Zookeeper Experiments
This repository gathers programs based on the Apache Zookeeper coordination middleware (

Programs list:
  - Alphabet server (called Telex for now...): A publisher thread sends the alphabet on a distributed queue. Clients on the queue get the letters and put them on the stdout.

These experiments are part of self-studies and a research project on software verification. The programs should be generic enough to, perhaps, be used elsewhere. Feedbacks are welcome to improve or extend them! This code is license-free and provided "as-is".

Telex, an alphabet server
  - Start a ZooKeeper server on localhost, port 2181 (see, e.g., a standalone operation on
  - From the root directory of the present code, run ant.

The default execution creates 1 publisher and 2 clients. There is only a single publisher for now. The number of clients is a parameter of the main class.

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