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Looking for the code? See the alpha release repository.


The mutual credit communication system (MCCS) is a web application that enables a network of trusted individuals and businesses to pay each other without the need for conventional money.

What is mutual credit?

Mutual credit provides a mechanism for businesses to trade without money, via a credit clearing system. A credit clearing system is an arrangement in which a group of traders, each of whom is both a buyer and a seller, agree to allocate each other sufficient credit to facilitate their transactions within the network. 🔗

At its core, MCCS is an accounting system that facilitates trading amongst a group of traders who initiate mutual credit (MC) transfers between each other using the MCCS web application. Group governance could be implemented in a number of different ways (see the Open Credit Network (OCN) for example), but that is beyond the scope of MCCS, which is simply the web application that facilitates MC transfers between its users.


Phase 1 - Standalone MCCS Node

Create a standalone node that anyone can use in their community

  • DONE - Initial alpha release to enable OCN to prove the concept
    • Provide a web-based application that enables OCN members to:
      • Discover each other's products/services and needs
      • Facilitate MC transfers between them
  • IN PROGRESS - API for the alpha software
    • Allow MCCS functionality to be integrated with other systems (e.g., instruct a MC transfer from within another application)
  • Build a front-end for end users using the new API
    • Enable developers to create a customizable user interface (any language, different users flows, device optimization (i.e., mobile app), etc.)
  • Build a front-end for admin users using the new API
    • Enable developers to create a customizable admin interface

Phase 2 - Interconnected MCCS Nodes

Connect two or more standalone nodes together into a network to enable inter-node business discovery and credit transfers

  • Define and design the communication protocol for MCCS nodes

Get Involved

Take a look at our alpha release and API repositories to see the work we have done so far.

We are looking for talented individuals with relevant technical (e.g., Golang, React/Javascript, front-end web design) or governance (e.g., credit risk management) background to help design and develop MCCS. If you are interested, please reach out to us at mccs at ic3 dot dev.

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