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#This blog is tiny#

Tinyblogofdoom is a very small blog. Not a blog engine, but an actual blog. I've written it as a demostration of how to use Spandex, a simple engine for rendering pages.


  • Web pages served with Sinatra. See app.rb.
  • Posts/pages found and rendered with Spandex.
    • Post bodies can be in Markup, Textile, or anything else Tilt supports.
    • Customize rendering by customizing Tilt. To learn more, look at the docs on Spandex
  • Atom feed rendred by Spandex.
  • Content is just files. Add them to /content and you're all set.
  • HTML chrome using Haml. See the /views directory.
  • CSS using Sass.
  • Deploy to Heroku. Just commit and push
  • Tinyblog can be run locally with foreman start
  • Comments using Disqus. Just set the environment variable DISQUS_NAME to your username.

##How to use##

  1. Get the code: git clone
  2. Make you have some basics: gem install foreman bundler
  3. Install the dependencies: bundle install
  4. Launch it: foreman start