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a game about stuff and things



  • 31: prevented pawns from ragdolling when going to sleep. scaled world up a bit (lot), moved things around to match. offhand punches now deal damage.
  • 30: fixed looping death animation that was causing characters to try to enter ragdoll forever once they died. signifigantly reduced the amount of time that the "fell out of world" message stays onscreen (from 3600 to 30 sec). capsule is noncollidable with player when dead, always noncollideable with camera. lowered target pop to 50 for performance reasons. switched to FXAA and lowered upped the character's material's roughness to remove the sparklyness that occurred as a result of the new AA.
  • 29: found it, it was embarassingly obvious once I had it narrowed down.
  • 28: working on ctd
  • 27: found a showstopper ctd on game start, trying to isolate it.
  • 26: plugged prehistory sim all the way back in.
  • 23: spent like 6 hours confused as to why so many valid spawn points were being rejected only to realize that i had a diameter where i should have had a radius. consequently, there's now a visualization option for the SpawnVolume in editor and a whole bunch of vestigial code laying around.
  • 22: got spawnvolume working, turns out that using the capsule component is waaay too complicated. okay maybe it's not completely working but it's super close to being done
  • 21: spawnvolume
  • 19: more work on spawnvolume, trying to get spawnpoints that avoid intersecting with existing objects.
  • 18: got SpawnVolume working with funky-shaped volumes.
  • 17: resumed old work on a new spawn volume.
  • 11: added equipment slots. added equippable item class. added clothing class. added placeholder clothing item (tunic; world model looks like a pizza box, no character model)
  • 10: added punching.
  • 09: the death animation played is now chosen by walking state. finished plugging inventory component in.
  • 08: added death animations and mid-animation ragdoll trigger.
  • 07: aligned terrain with north. created compass rose texture and decal, added compass at (0,0,ground). finished rolling sky and sun into SkyController; updates and positions work in game, in editor, and in pie.
  • 06: got SkyController preview times working.
  • 05: began work on consolidating all atmosphere/sky things into one SkyController.
  • 04: adjusted some checks to provide additional stability when starting from a blank map. began reworking skycontroller to be a single-object sky entity instead of just a centralized controller for a bunch of other ents.


  • 30: fixed a ctd when trying to pick items up.
  • 29: fixed up falling from high distances. added crouching.
  • 28: worked more and jumping and unjumping or stopping or hitting the ground or whatever its called.
  • 27: strafing and starting and stopping. starting/stopping diagonal strafes is excruciatingly slow because there are no animations for those directions and the interpolation slows the movement down a whole lot. this may or may not be fixed in the future.
  • 26: working on movement, still.
  • 23: worked on jumping... who knew jumping was so complicated?
  • 22: fixed some jerkiness when switching between animations.
  • 19: more animation work.
  • 17: added turning in place when standing still and orbiting camera.
  • 16: AimOffset works now.
  • 15: got a basic AimOffset partially working.
  • 14: added foundation for weapon holstering. added extremely basic strafing. [r] toggles between weapon drawn / locked camera, and weapon sheathed / free camera.
  • 13: character can now move in all directions.
  • 12: worked some of the jumpy movement out of the starting and stopping, but not all
  • 10: more of the same, fiddling around with bp too
  • 09: same
  • 07: trying to adapt current character code to rootmotion
  • 06: controller and rootmotion work.
  • 04: more anims.
  • 03: cleaned up 62k worth of useless redirects from the 4.9 upgrade. bought kubold's Movement Animset Pro since it was on sale and i had been eyeing it for a while anyway, and started playing with it. this is gonna be awesome.
  • 02: updated to UE 4.9.0


  • 31: inventory component work, ripping out BP inventory code an putting it back in differently to get everthing to not CTD in time for 1508 release.
  • 29: inventory component work.
  • 28: started moving inventories into a component.


  • 31: added fps counter to hud because i'm tired of typing stat fps. finished getting hud working correctly with prehistory sim, only took like a week. fps got a nice boost from streamlining the hud though, so maybe it was worth the trouble.
  • 30: added two ramps into starting farmhouse area. properly reworked initial pawn spawning. upgraded to UE 4.8.3.
  • 28: HUD work.
  • 27: did more work on the HUD and reworking the prehistory sim.
  • 26: fixed crash when attempting to set SkyUpdatesPerSecond. worked on umg inventory view and made some assorted changes.
  • 25: added icons to items. added three embarassingly shit item icons for chicken leg, apple, and bedroll. replaced character's GetHealthInfo with GetHealthPercentage.
  • 17: added torso/upper body rotation with controller rotation thanks to a tut from RATSGAME (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXWcDIMYSmo). upgraded to 4.8.2. known issue: if 4.8.2 is crashing on exit, update GPU drivers.
  • 16: plugged genetic inheritence and mutation back in.
  • 12: added base genome level code. basic genes are now added upon chromosome unlock. added quality level to genes. added onscreen message when attempting to pick up items with a full inventory. held items can be rotated with the mousewheel before placing. made last name suffixes the same for the same gender within a family.


  • 30: added check to prevent characters from entering ragdoll multiple times, this ought to stop ragdolls from flying off into the distance. capsulecomponent is hidden in game again. characters get lighter when dead.
  • 28: changed groggyness to first 10 minutes of being awake. stamina doesn't go over 100 when being regened by energy. kinda addressed the issue of sleepyness being weird after advancing time. when time advances, now always ends up during daytime. streamed for 22.
  • 27: kinda sorta fixed people getting super tired on time advance, will need to overhaul sleep system to fix it further. energy drain rate is now displayed on the hud. RMR is plugged back in to drain rate. added AddToInventory function. fixed headbob toggle. max placement distance is now enforced; no more apples on the moon. player can now switch which object they are placing. started to unfuckulate ragdolling but it didn't go so well. streamed for 25.
  • 24: game now starts in the morning. time no longer jumps around unpredictably if the player dies during prehistory sim because the player doesn't get a pawn until the very end of the sim. added a bit of height fog.
  • 21: added stamina cost for jumping. can't jump if you don't have enough stamina. food removes itself from the world when it is eaten. added energy. added get/set/add methods for energy. foods add to your energy when you eat them. added movement speed debug bar. unplugged second chromosome pair to make starting stats closer to all positive. added fast-forward bool to game mode to tell if we are currently advancing time or not. prevented pawns from ragdolling from sleepyness if time is fast-forwarding. streamed for 26.
  • 20: added food as a category of item. renamed UsableItem to just Item because they're all usable. fucking blueprints are hard to understand. fuck blueprints. added an apple food. its no longer possible to stand on items you're holding.
  • 18: work on placable item rotation.
  • 17: MoveUp now accepts a distance, will default to 1024 if no/invalid value passed.
  • 16: worked on placable item rotaton.
  • 13: added inventory. added ability to pick items up and add them to inventory. added ability to place items in world and remove them from inventory. added pickup prompt to usable item mouseover text. streamed for 16.
  • 11: upgraded to UE 4.8.0. started cleaning some code.
  • 07: turned screen percentage rendering back down to 100 from 125. turned motion blue intensity on the player's camera to 0.0. added subtle depth-of-field based on where the player is looking; things will only become super blurry if you are looking at items very close to you. can't place objects when jumping, and the color of to-be-placed object changes to indicate if it can be placed or not. disabled headbob when zoomed out. streamed for 10.
  • 06: added a zoom function (hold [z]) for looking at things in the distance.


  • 31: did some cleaning up. added a GetTirednessAsText function for the hud.
  • 30: characters now fall into ragdoll when falling asleep due to exhaustion. ragdolls may glitch through the ground. stamina replenishes at a different (higher) rate when sleeping. added a movement speed debuff upon waking up (groggyness). streamed for 10.
  • 28: added helper function in character to make printing the current time to the console a lot easier. added exhaustion due to sleepyness, threshhold set to 36 hours awake. did some stuff in the background regarding how sleepyness is calculated and passed around.
  • 27: broke tiredness calculation off into its own function.
  • 26: started work on queueable tiredness checks.
  • 24: finished up dual-stat gene work. changed GameDayLength to 48. DumpGenomeToConsole prints both stats per gene. added total stats to [tab] genome view overlay thingie. female and males now have their last chromosome assigned properly. streamed for 19.
  • 23: added kill and moveup commands. started work on dual-stat genes.
  • 19: cut gene count in half and made onscreen gene visualization bars a bit taller. project compiles but changes do not appear in executable for some reason.
  • 18: played with sun/sky settings a bit.
  • 16: disabled LPV.
  • 06: roughed out the rest of the genome. adjusted size of geneslot draw things so that the full genome fits on a FHD screen. changed random gene distribution to favor smaller numbers so that stats don't landslide quite as much. its conga time! added conga option to Time console command. streamed for 21.


  • 30: added basic, shitty visualization for genome, press [tab] to see it.
  • 29: tried to get the gene-dump command to jive with umg.
  • 28: deriving things from stats. 10% of genes now randomly mutate when switching generations. tiredness now "replenishes" during SimulateTimeTo so that people don't end up being awake for decades. streamed for 16 really cool cats.
  • 26: finished up genetic structures. children now recieve genes from their parents. streamed for 12.
  • 25: upgraded to 4.7.6.
  • 24: more genetics. streamed for 19, but getting increasingly burnt out over this damn self-destructing uobject. decided it might be better to switch to an actorcomponent.
  • 23: worked on genetics, nothing is working correctly and it's frustrating. Teemozy9 offered some help. streamed for 7.
  • 19: did a litte more work on genetic data structures, streamed for 12.
  • 14: upgraded to 4.7.5. added Genome class to manage interactions with genetic code. streamed for 7.
  • 12: first gene spawned in the world was +3 Dexterity. worked on genetics but ran into a wall with random gene assignments. streamed for 9.
  • 05: genetics and streamed a little.
  • 03: genetics
  • 02: started on genetics


  • 29: more work on materials. people turn red when taking damage. fixed usable item using code. added a bit of warning text to the hurt thing in the courtyard. made health bar decrease from left to right. streamed for 40! constant 15+ in chat for the last few hours.
  • 28: added some variation to the terrain material. fixed CTD on start; game was trying to access controller that didn't exist because the start-of-game pawn seek wasn't putting new ai back into the person we swapped out of if that person was still alive. added spouse debug bar. addded alive/dead to debug bars involving people. added name and stuff to postrenderfor. added sibling getter to character, check to repsawn, and debug bars. made time forward on respawn. unplugged attack from ai. added some structures up on the eastern hill. streamed for 24. started work on damage visualization on injury.
  • 27: fixed clip volume on stairs. AA set to FXAA and render size set to 125%; these values might change back before release.
  • 25: worked on stamina drain when moving. re-ordered pregancy so that kids are now born at the end of a pregnancy rather than the beginning. refined beginning of game pawn-seeking to require inital spawn to have at least 1 alive child.
  • 23: hooked sprint into depleting/regenerating stamina. can only sprint when running forward. streamed for 9.
  • 22: streamed for 9. updated SimulateTimeTo to work with the new event queue and unpregnant people after a specified gestation period. fixed display age being incorrect. changed how initial spawns are done to be a bit faster and to use more of the CreatureManager's builtin functionality.
  • 20: banged head into wall. added GetCurrentSpouse function. assigned child pointers to parents when spawning new characters. got a working delegate set up! thanks to Slatey79, Dead_p1xl, Aquaflames64 (from twitch) and BaderThanBad and Steve Robb (from UE AnswerHub). finally figured out that damn b-tree sort with help from Slatey
  • 18: fixed spawn/birth rate. worked a bit on ingame timer. streamed.
  • 08: streamed: new high! 29 concurrent viewers (not including me), 30 followers at EoD. added dead/alive male/female population count debug bars. attempted to make people breed with varying degress of intensity based on how close the current world population is to a given target population. removed/fixed a little more depreciated code, but will have to leave some stuff in icnfrpgCharacter because it's okay to access a private var in your own class, stupid compile message. added a conga line based on a suggestion from Serge_david in twitch chat.
  • 07: tightened up character/creature registration
  • 05: worked on moving character spawn code to creature manager
  • 04: prehistory simulation and mating. streamed on twitch and got all the way up to 6 concurrent viewers! added marriage and rudimentary offspring. the first child born in the world was named First Last because I screwed up the naming.
  • 01: fixed pawn color assignment based on gender. migrated to 4.7.1. implemented a sort of font variable for UMG.


  • 28: tidying up refactor. put world boundaries back in.
  • 19: putting the creature manager back in; still need a central repo for some species-wide functionality.
  • 18: refactor, putting debug bars back in one by one.
  • 16: refactor. i was working on gender assignment and it kept crashing, then it just stopped crashing.
  • 15: refactor continues, working on prehistory sim and (re-)spawning.
  • 14: more refactor, rolled creature struct into character. removed exp bars from hud and exp as a concept in general. resized health/stam/mana bars. added hold/toggle mode to sprint and walk keys.
  • 13: refactor - it compiles! it doesn't instantly crash to desktop! progress!
  • 12: refactor
  • 11: started character/creature refactor
  • 08: spawn volume woes; it's crashing more than ever now.
  • 07: documentation! oh boy.
  • 06: working on gameplay concepts.
  • 05: more hud work. added "press e to whatever"-style text when looking at usable objects
  • 04: worked on "mouseover" HUD bit


  • 31: finished up rudimentary sleep code. added more beds around the fire in the western longhouse.
  • 30: added bed class and made a bedroll blueprint extending from it.
  • 29: added debug bar to display the usable objecct (if any) at which the player is currently looking. added basic tiredness math and debug bar.
  • 28: finished up bed model but it's shit. working on adding usable actors/items to the world... who knew the useable/usable debate was so heated? i've decided to drop the e.
  • 27: worked on a bed model.
  • 25: got spawn volume working correctly but i'm not sure how.
  • 23: spawn volume.
  • 22: working on a volume in which things can spawn.
  • 21: terain work, fixed crash on start on cooked game. split sky update function into two so it can be called in a multitude of different ways.
  • 18: more terrain work, added a procedural shader to auto-place rock textures based on slope
  • 17: worked on terrain a little bit