A free open source iOS app for events or conferences. Read more on the app's webpage:
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EventBlank iOS App

I go to a lot of conferences and events and noticed that few of them have a proper iPhone app.

And I can understand that - there are so many things the organizers have to take care of … and a nice app takes a lot of time do develop.

My goal with this project is to provide a free open source blueprint, which will allow creating an event/conference iPhone app in a matter of ~ 1 hour. The project will aim to have as few as possible dependanies so that it can be cloned from GitHub and built immediately.

This project is currently in alpha stage. You will need Xcode 6.4 for building it.

Video demo of the alpha build so far: https://vimeo.com/132935515

Project Timeline

  • End of August, 2015 - beta version / 1.0 version

  • September, 2015 - first pilot project at a real event

  • October, 2015 - second pilot project at a real event

  • End of December, 2015 - stable 1.0 release

  • 2016 - tell your friends about the project and we’ll see...


Author: Marin Todorov

More about Marin:

iOS Animations by Tutorials, Author

iOS Animations by Emails Newsletter, Author

My name is Marin Todorov. I like open sourcing my code and I really would like to help any event no matter small or big to have a proper iPhone app :]

This source code is distributed under a Attribution MIT license.

If you build your event/conference app you must to leave in the Credit screen with the project information and the Acknowledgments screen which lists the CocoaPods used (also legally you are obliged to do that).


At this stage please contact me before contributing code. All my contacts are here: http://www.underplot.com