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A simple image management website built in Python using the Django framework.

Once registered and logged-in, users can upload photos and albums. Users can set their photo and album publication settings to public, shared, or private. Users can share with photos or albums with persons they are "friends" with if photos or albums are set to "shared".

API functionality

Once a user provides their credentials, they can go to the /api/v1/ route to acquire photos that they've uploaded to our app.


  • Create an file and git ignore it. Add this information:

export DB_NAME=''

export DB_USER=''

export DB_PASSWORD=''

export DB_HOST=''

export DB_PORT='5432'

export SECRET_KEY=''

  • Create a Postgres database

  • Pip install -r requirements.txt . Linux users should remove "gnureadline==6.3.3" from this file as only applicable for Mac systems.

  • Make migrations

  • This app will not work without a cache table. Be sure to "python createcachetable".


Iris Carrera

Patrick Trompeter