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Hurtle Reference & Repolist

Many of the components that make up Hurtle have their own repository and documentations. This page links to those, with a brief description of each.


Name Repo Description
Cloud Controller API hurtle_cc_api Abstraction of underlying technologys such as OpenStack and OpenShift
Cloud Controller SDK hurtle_cc_sdk SDK for the Cloud Controller API (above)
Service Manager hurtle_sm External interface to the Enterprise End User (EEU), contains Service Catalogue

Hurtle Examples

Name Repo Description
Sample SO hurtle_sample_so Example of a Service Orchestrator, the piece that oversees the orchestration of a service instance
Sample Runtime SO hurtle_sample_runtime_so Example of a Service Orchestrator using the runtime module of the CC SDK
CMS Service (Wordpress) Repo coming soon! Example of a Wordpress software... as a service
CRM Service (Zurmo) hurtle_cna_crm Example of a CRM software... as a service