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A simple php based note taking application.

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This is a simple PHP based webpage to take notes in class. I did this initially as a way to research the best way for me to take notes and investigate learning disabilities associated with note-taking.

Current Features

  • FCKeditor based javascript text editing
  • A simple login
  • Support for [gist: id##] formatting
  • Auto linking of urls
  • Printer friendly pages
  • Gravatar support


Installation is pretty straight forward.

  • Get a web host with PHP >= 5.2.0 and that you have access to PDO_SQLITE.
  • Edit config.php before you start so the database is created in the right spot and your username is correct.
  • Depending on your permissions (your webserver would need write access to the folder) you might need to create the sqlite db ahead of time as well.

Feature Ideas

Some future features:

  • Update search page. It would be sweet if this was all done via JavaScript and you could save common views.
  • Clean up the delete setup
  • Add authentication so only you can view your notes, and thus host online.
  • Sync multiple instances? (use git? yet keep private?)
  • The ability to sort notes on that search page.
  • More stats on the view page. Word/line count?
  • Better styling, of both the editor and the page. Maybe a quick button that inverses the page?
  • Turn buttons to links maybe?
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