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Added a temp shell script to compare our instruction counts vs. Micro…

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icculus committed Jun 3, 2008
1 parent 7dadb98 commit 3c9e3409a5e2b576a7c37ecc616e488157da8e00
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for feh in ??_?_?/*.bytecode ; do
echo -n "$feh "
echo -n `./testparse glsl $feh |grep "INSTRUCTION COUNT: " |perl -w -p -e 's/\AINSTRUCTION COUNT://;'`
echo -n " vs. "
grep "instruction slots used" `echo $feh |perl -w -p -e 's/bytecode\Z/disasm/;'` |perl -w -p -e 's#\A// approximately (\d+) instruction slots used .*?\Z#$1#;'

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