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Use the d3d profile, so we're just disassembling and not converting.
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icculus committed Feb 13, 2009
1 parent 03f72b5 commit 5c14fc6457193c40c6f5410e6872f903de63ac6f
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@

for feh in shaders/??_?_?/*.bytecode ; do
DISASM=`echo $feh |perl -w -p -e 's/bytecode\Z/disasm/;'`
MINE=`./cmake-build/testparse glsl $feh |grep "INSTRUCTION COUNT: " |perl -w -p -e 's/\AINSTRUCTION COUNT: //;'`
MINE=`./cmake-build/testparse d3d $feh |grep "INSTRUCTION COUNT: " |perl -w -p -e 's/\AINSTRUCTION COUNT: //;'`
THEIRS=`grep "instruction slots used" $DISASM |perl -w -p -e 's#\A// approximately (\d+) instruction slots used .*?\Z#$1#;'`
if [ "x$MINE" != "x$THEIRS" ]; then
echo "$feh $MINE vs. $THEIRS"

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