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Reworked preprocessor newline management.
My thought about the semicolon and assembly comments was a brain fart,
 newlines will have to go through to the assembler, and we'll just mirror
 Direct3D's preprocessor output behaviour in MOJOSHADER_preprocess() instead.

This gets rid of the nasty insert_token nonsense, as an added benefit.
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icculus committed Feb 12, 2009
1 parent 7f70e9a commit 67966432d48c3e905be9d6e72d7e9e53a16b4557

File 1 of 3 in 6796643

@@ -320,9 +320,6 @@ typedef struct IncludeState
char *filename;
int included;
Token insert_token;
Token insert_token2;
char insert_tokchar;
const char *source_base;
const char *source;
const char *token;

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