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Added support for producing shader language source code for Apple's M…
…etal API.
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icculus committed Apr 25, 2016
1 parent a5e7941 commit dc12246843e3ca4d8cfcb3d0aec42183d4282d13

File 6 of 9 in dc12246

@@ -1537,8 +1537,11 @@ MOJOSHADER_glShader *MOJOSHADER_glCompileShader(const unsigned char *tokenbuf,
MOJOSHADER_glShader *retval = NULL;
GLuint shader = 0;
const MOJOSHADER_parseData *pd = MOJOSHADER_parse(ctx->profile, tokenbuf,
bufsize, swiz, swizcount,

// This doesn't need a mainfn, since there's no GL lang that does.
const MOJOSHADER_parseData *pd = MOJOSHADER_parse(ctx->profile, NULL,
tokenbuf, bufsize,
swiz, swizcount,
smap, smapcount,

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