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icculus committed May 23, 2002
1 parent e0168b2 commit 0a8c8fdbcb1836322a9369f8847b316ba785ffc2
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@@ -25,10 +25,11 @@ These are in no particular order. A 1.0 release is reliant on doing most of
nice for an email program. That's blue sky, unless someone wants to tackle
- Look for FIXMEs (many marked with "!!!" in comments).
- Port to BeOS (might work already? Will work for sure with autoconf support)
- Port to MacOS X (specifically, make Project Builder files; unix.c should
work with it as-is. Might compile as-is with the current Makefile.)
- Probably other stuff. Requests and recommendations are welcome.

- Port to BeOS: (unix.c: no realpath, pthreads (?) or mount stuff).

// end of TODO ...

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