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icculus committed Sep 14, 2001
1 parent 70838fd commit 12314e3715d377b1ad9b1c6e4c19915b35963ebe
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code somewhat). Haven't tried to compile the zipfile support, and
I still can't link the library. Dunno what the hell I'm supposed
to do there. Isn't Unix supposed to be hard compared to this?
09142001 - David Hedbor submitted a patch to handle a case where the
current working directory has been deleted out from under the
process (both in platform/unix.c and physfs.c itself). Thanks,
David! Added a CREDITS file. Changed the format of the author field
in PHYSFS_ArchiveInfo to put the email address between "<>" instead
of "()" chars. Updated TODO. make install now deletes previous
revisions of the library. Changed version to 0.1.4.

--ryan. (

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Stuff that needs to be done and wishlist:

- update the Makefile so that Cygwin can generate a DLL. The entire codebase
compiles under Cygwin otherwise.
- Hmm...we can determine the actual CD-ROM drives under Win32, but how do you
decide that there's no disc in the drive?
- MacOS support.
- Move the integer types to something abstract. uint32, etc.
- Platform-specific functions/macros to handle byte ordering.
- A PHYSFS_readUint32(), _readSint32(), etc API.
- Ditch the "standard" i/o routines (fopen() and friends) and move this into
the platform drivers.

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