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icculus committed Jul 23, 2005
1 parent 779e526 commit 19d99f222f70bb73f3d28e1041b510859fe6e44e
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07232005 - Fixed bug in zip archiver (thanks, J�rg Walter!).
More minor OS/2 tweaks. Updated zlib to 1.2.3, which properly
includes the security fix. Fixed "make dist" to handle .svn dirs
and other file changes. Removed "debian" directory.
and other file changes. Removed "debian" directory. Allow a mount
point of NULL to be "/", per the documentation.
Upped version to 1.1.0 ... first release of 1.1 dev branch!
07212005 - Patched to compile on OS/2 again.
07132005 - Updated zlib to 1.2.2, and patched it for this security hole:

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