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icculus committed Sep 26, 2004
1 parent e0da355 commit 221a2303be486bbdcd677742ea4cce7dd7e3c242
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@@ -32,18 +32,13 @@ Some might be dupes, some might be done already.
- Why do we call it openArchive and dirClose?
- Sanity check byte order at runtime.
- Every DIR_* function requires a malloc/free!
- Merge DirHandle and PhysDirInfo.
- Memory locking?
- Clean up file code to match DirHandle cleanups.
- Find a better name than dvoid and fvoid.
- Use something other than void * for platform file handlers.
- Can win32.c and pocketpc.c get merged?
- There's so much cut-and-paste between archivers...can this be reduced?
- General code audit.
- Just make PHYSFS_file * a void * typedef so we don't have to allocate?
- Multiple write dirs with mount points?
- Deprecate PHYSFS_setSaneConfig and move it to extras?
- PHYSFS_file should really be PHYSFS_File for consistency.
- (Re)move the profiling code in physfs.c.
- Why is physfsrwops.c cut-and-pasted into the ruby bindings?
- maybe other stuff.

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