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icculus committed Mar 11, 2007
1 parent be8216d commit 230c63cfb341c243a4ac0542a08acde115e78be4
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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
03112007 - Removed zlib_license_change.txt ... it's in Subversion and the 1.0
branch for history's sake. Added shared and static build options
to CMakeLists.txt, and the expected "make install" target.
Renamed some FILENAME files to FILENAME.txt.
Renamed some FILENAME files to FILENAME.txt, removed physfs.rc.
03082007 - Fixed a comment in physfs.h. Renamed win32.c to windows.c.
Cleaned up whitespace/formatting in pocketpc.c. Updated PocketPC
code to expect UTF-8 strings from the higher level. Changed

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