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icculus committed Apr 13, 2002
1 parent 1606998 commit 3dc68c4b4e887eeb23641966594e0bca78204667
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@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ These are in no particular order. A 1.0 release is reliant on doing most of
- Hmm...we can determine the actual CD-ROM drives under Win32, but how do you
decide that there's no disc in the drive?
- A PHYSFS_readUint32(), _readSint32(), etc API.
- Patch the zlib used on win32 to 1.1.4.
- Write manpages, preferrably generated from some javadoc-style solution
so we can make HTML versions etc from the same data.
- Improve ZIP_seek() (archivers/zip.c)

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