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icculus committed Aug 9, 2002
1 parent bad1d8f commit 3e3bdd28c294db40de81a07e3999648f305877ed

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@@ -18,24 +18,25 @@ More win32 hacking:

Fixes for missing current working directories,
PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() improvements,
other bugfixes,
other bugfixes:
David Hedbor

Darwin support,
Darwin support:
Patrick Stein

configure fixes,
RPM specfile,
RPM specfile:
Edward Rudd

GetLastModTime API,
other stuff,
other stuff:
John R. Hall

Various support, fixes and suggestions,
Various support, fixes and suggestions:
Alexander Pipelka

Russian translation:
Russian translation,
QPAK archiver:
Ed Sinjiashvili

Spanish translation:

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