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updated to reflect info on VC6 static lib files
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bhook committed Aug 9, 2003
1 parent 83cdb49 commit 5b6e1d4ceea09ee141c43c94534ef648eaa7d8f8

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@@ -55,9 +55,21 @@ After building the lib, you can make sure it works by building the
"Debug" or "Release". This EXE is linked against the DLL you built

If you're using Visual C++ 6 and want to generate a static LIB file, point
it at "physfs_static.dsp" in the root of the source tree and build. This
will produce a "physfs_static.lib" in either a "physfs_static_debug"
or a "physfs_static_release" directory, depending on what configuration
you chose to build. NOPE: "test_physfs.dsp" does not work with the
statically linked build.

Visual Studio.NET users should do the same thing, but use the "physfs.vcproj"
and "test_physfs.vcproj" project files instead.

NOTE: to change build options such as which drivers are loaded (ZIP, QPAK,
etc.) modify the appropriate manifest constants under the Project Settings.
By default the LIB version supports all drivers, but the DLL build does
not support MVL or HOG file formats.

If you're using another compiler, send me a patch when you get it working. :)

No one's tried building this for a WinCE (PocketPC) platform, but it may or
@@ -66,8 +78,6 @@ may not work. Patches are welcome.
If someone is willing to maintain prebuilt PhysicsFS DLLs, I'd like to hear
from you; send an email to

MACOS 8/9:
Double-click on "CWProjects.sit" in the root of the source tree. This will
unpack into a folder called "Mac Classic Support", which has CodeWarrior 6

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