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icculus committed Mar 19, 2007
1 parent b68495e commit 5eab0737b8acf4e310fe523393c866fa46a69f85
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03192007 - Fixed two switched strings in CMakeLists.txt ... patch to compile
with latest Windows Platform SDK.
with latest Windows Platform SDK. Explicitly check for NULL in
PHYSFS_init() when we can't go on without a real string here.
Removed ANSI-C workaround for missing lstat() nonsense in posix.c
(POSIX != ANSI, time to give up here). Try to use /proc/self/exe
to find the base dir on Unix, so we can do without argv[0] on
systems with a Linux-like /proc filesystem.
03162007 - Changed PHYSFS_file from a typedef to a #define (in case it would
cause an aggressive compiler to think you're passing the wrong type
to a function) and added Doxygen comments to explain it.

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