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icculus committed Jul 15, 2002
1 parent 2ec465f commit 68179ad30d09f67cc6e78d2d52a4ab525d659201
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win32.c's mediaInDrive() function. This allows Windows NT 3.x to
correctly detect CD-ROM drives. Library now appears to be fully
functional on WinNT 3.51...need to try NT 3.1 still. :)
Patches to new ZIP code; cleaned up bugs in symlink reading code,
but we incorrectly identify some entries as symlinks, which doesn't
fly...for now, symlink code is commented out, so symlinks look
like regular files (and reading from a symlink entry gives you
the link as file data).
07122002 - Rewrote the ZIP archiver to no longer use Gilles Vollant's unzip.c
code. Losing that abstraction should make the ZIP archiver
significantly more efficient, and halved the amount of code used.

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