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icculus committed Jun 6, 2002
1 parent 81a9df4 commit 6f870840d6f0ebe9dc9755cfc92a473eacb1d935
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06062002 - Fixed __PHYSFS_platformSeek() in archivers/posix.c. Implemented the
getLastModTime method in archivers/zip.c (returns legitimate info)
and archivers/grp.c (returns lastmodtime of GRPfile itself in the
physical filesystem).
physical filesystem). Put a 64-bit _llseek() version of the seek()
and tell() methods in platform/posix.c, but you need to hack (or
rather, fix) to enable it.
06012002 - Added -Wall to debug builds. Removed ANSI stdio calls from
platform/posix.c, and replaced them with actual POSIX calls (that
is, fopen() became open(), fseek() became lseek(), etc...)

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