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icculus committed Jun 8, 2002
1 parent fbcc998 commit 79800373fa4766da83bc915aa947a747b8d9f629
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06082002 - Fixes to __PHYSFS_platformEnumerateFiles() in win32.c: cleaned up
memory leak, handles paths more robustly, and prevents possible
skipped file entries. Removed AC_C_CONST and AC_TYPE_SIZE_T checks
from (not needed, and they broke BeOS build). Clean
out the docs/ directory when doing a "make dist". Fixed crashbug
when calling PHYSFS_deinit() more than once in a row.
06072002 - Manpages! Finally installed Doxygen and scratched together a
Doxyfile. After some revision to physfs.h, we've got a rather
nice API reference.

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