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icculus committed Jul 18, 2002
1 parent 01e79f7 commit 7f2cd4a2d7a325909c01140d7b17692badcd44a9
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07172002 - Fixed seeking backwards in ZIP_seek(). Changed the error message
ERR_TOO_MANY_SYMLINKS to ERR_SYMLINK_LOOP. Patches to build system
and unix.c for FreeBSD compatibility.
and unix.c for FreeBSD compatibility. Added physfs.spec to
"make dist" archives (thanks, Edward Rudd!).
07152002 - Symlinks in ZIP archives are detected correctly now, I think.
07142002 - Use GetVolumeInformation() instead of GetDiskFreeSpace() in
win32.c's mediaInDrive() function. This allows Windows NT 3.x to

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