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Fixed build error.
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icculus committed Aug 30, 2002
1 parent 1c363d8 commit c15854148cadda0332824a3e339ba0365ca437b9

File 1 of 1 in c158541

@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/os2.obj platform/os2.c
gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/dir.obj archivers/dir.c
gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/grp.obj archivers/grp.c
gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/zip.obj archivers/zip.c
gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/zip.obj archivers/qpak.c
gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/qpak.obj archivers/qpak.c

gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/adler32.obj zlib114/adler32.c
gcc %CFLAGS% -o bin/compress.obj zlib114/compress.c

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