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icculus committed Jul 21, 2003
1 parent 52fc473 commit d21eaf18dc6f8f2f5e2aa5bc3c5c3e662e5192b8
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@@ -11,7 +11,9 @@
else signed on for the change. Committed a patch to convert all
tabs to spaces (Thanks, James!). Added patch to zip.c to fix
crash (thanks, dillo!). Reimplmented qpak.c, by welding together
bits of grp.c and zip.c.
bits of grp.c and zip.c. Ed contacted me, so I could readd his
contributions post-license change...I'm going to keep the new
qpak.c, but I've readded his Ruby bindings and Russian translations.
06112003 - Patches to globbing.c to handle corner cases (thanks, Bradley!).
06102003 - Added globbing.c to "extras" directory.
05232003 - Rewrote MacOSX/Darwin CD-ROM detection code to use IOKit, which is
@@ -755,3 +755,32 @@ On Thursday 10 July 2003 12:07 pm, you wrote:
> Thanks,
> --ryan.

From xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sun Jul 20 23:59:48 2003
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 07:09:24 +0400
From: Ed Sinjiashvili <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Ryan C. Gordon <>
Subject: PhysicsFS license change
Resent-Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 07:15:32 +0400
Resent-From: Ed Sinjiashvili <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Resent-To: "Ryan C. Gordon" <>


I have just read the news on and I guess I'm one of the
two contributors you could not contact (at least I did not got any
mails from PhysicsFS mailing list for quite a while - so I did not
know what was happenning).

I really have no problems with this licence switch from LGPL to zlib
and I agree to sign all my contributions (qpak archiver, ruby bindings
and russian translations) under zlib.

I saw that you removed all my contributions from PhysicsFS - now that
I agreed to license change you could revert them.

-- Ed

P.S. I have mail on - if you can't reach me I guess
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is always possible.

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