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icculus committed Jul 20, 2003
1 parent f3191d0 commit d59c03cc8b647f9570fa52308f6099b5d0d2852c
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@@ -8,7 +8,9 @@
the Russian and Spanish translations, since those contributors
couldn't be contacted. If they show up, we'll readd them to the
project, otherwise we'll eventually replace their work...everyone
else signed on for the change.
else signed on for the change. Committed a patch to convert all
tabs to spaces (Thanks, James!). Added patch to zip.c to fix
crash (thanks, dillo!).
06112003 - Patches to globbing.c to handle corner cases (thanks, Bradley!).
06102003 - Added globbing.c to "extras" directory.
05232003 - Rewrote MacOSX/Darwin CD-ROM detection code to use IOKit, which is

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