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Updates, corrections and enhancements to get this ported to win32.
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icculus committed Aug 23, 2001
1 parent 500f1a6 commit f0c09894c851b80cadeb4c7881f889c8a461a801

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08012001 - Added a safety memset in error setting, fixed URLs and email addr.
08062001 - Added CD-ROM detection code to the unix platform driver.
08072001 - Changed version to 0.1.1.
08232001 - Fixed a potential free()ing of a NULL pointer in
__PHYSFS_platformEnumerateFiles() in platform/unix.c. Added
platform/win32.c. Other cleanups to get this compiling with
Visual C and CygWin. Added BAIL_MACRO for times when we were doing
BAIL_IF_MACRO(1, ...). Abstracted mkdir() in the platform drivers.
Added GRP setting output to showcfg in the Makefile. Changed
version to 0.1.2.

--ryan. (

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