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icculus committed Sep 26, 2001
1 parent 3ad4abe commit f2bb78075f0bbee721c8173387cf3fbfbf9cae12
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@@ -51,7 +51,11 @@
of "()" chars. Updated TODO. make install now deletes previous
revisions of the library. Changed version to 0.1.4.
09252001 - Changed API: PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() takes an organization name, and
sets up less directories. Be warned.
sets up less directories. Be warned. Fixes from David Hedbor:
make setSaneConfig() set write directory correctly if it had to
create the directory, and make sure that the writing functions
get used in dir.c when a file is opened for writing/appending.
Updated CREDITS.

--ryan. (

@@ -9,7 +9,9 @@ ZIP driver:
Tons of win32 help:
Adam Gates

Fixes for missing current working directories:
Fixes for missing current working directories,
PHYSFS_setSaneConfig() improvements,
other bugfixes,
David Hedbor

Other stuff:

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