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FIXME removal: document enumerateFiles() sorting promises.
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icculus committed Aug 12, 2017
1 parent db2201e commit f6a8533ba25b39b722f808272677122ae621f34e
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  1. +1 −5 src/physfs.h
@@ -1107,7 +1107,7 @@ PHYSFS_DECL const char *PHYSFS_getRealDir(const char *filename);
* Feel free to sort the list however you like. However, the returned data
* will always contain no duplicates, and will be always sorted in alphabetic
* (rather: Unicode) order for you.
* (rather: case-sensitive Unicode) order for you.
* Don't forget to call PHYSFS_freeList() with the return value from this
* function when you are done with it.
@@ -2592,10 +2592,6 @@ typedef int (*PHYSFS_EnumerateCallback)(void *data, const char *origdir,
* PHYSFS_enumerate("/some/path", printDir, NULL);
* \endcode
* !!! FIXME-3.0: enumerateFiles() does not promise alphabetical sorting by
* !!! FIXME: case-sensitivity in the code, and doesn't promise sorting at
* !!! FIXME: all in the above docs.
* Items sent to the callback are not guaranteed to be in any order whatsoever.
* There is no sorting done at this level, and if you need that, you should
* probably use PHYSFS_enumerateFiles() instead, which guarantees

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