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Commits on May 21, 2022

  1. Bumped copyright for 2022.

    icculus committed May 21, 2022
  2. zip: workaround Windows Explorer bug.

    If you edit a zip file with Windows Explorer, it will rewrite the entire
    central directory, setting all files version_needed field to 2.0/MS-DOS,
    but it won't touch files that it doesn't plan to alter, so you might end
    up with a local header that doesn't match the central directory details.
    We aren't currently using the version_needed information, so now we just
    favor the local header's copy of it in case we ever need it, and don't
    complain if the central directory doesn't match.
    Fixes #24.
    icculus committed May 21, 2022

Commits on May 20, 2022

  1. Let several archives be case-insensitive.

    (and several more probably _should_ be but I don't have the details on
    them at the moment. But now it's just changing a 1 to a 0 to fix those!)
    icculus committed May 20, 2022

Commits on Sep 10, 2021

  1. add 0x10000 properly

    alfadur authored and icculus committed Sep 10, 2021

Commits on Sep 3, 2021

Commits on Jul 11, 2021

  1. Use the GNUInstallDirs CMake module to respect installation locations

    Apparently use of LIB_SUFFIX is now discouraged. GNUInstallDirs does a
    better job of setting a default.
    The libdir of ${prefix}/lib in the pkg-config file caused warnings,
    and possibly even failures, when linking on multilib systems where
    /usr/lib is for 32-bit libraries rather than 64-bit libraries.
    chewi authored and icculus committed Jul 11, 2021

Commits on Jun 30, 2021