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This is the source code for the tutorial about writing good unit-test suites.


See the tutorial here:

What to do with this

  1. Open the tutorial.
  2. Open and look at it while reading the tutorial.
  3. Run the tests.
  4. Think about what else you could test. I'm sure there is something I missed!
  5. Apply the best practices in your own project.
  6. Like the tutorial? Share, like, subscribe, say thanks. I'll be happy to know it!

How to run tests

I run this with Intellij IDEA and Java 1.8+.

  1. Download the source code.
  2. Open the folder with the code in Intellij IDEA.
  3. Open the file You'll see green "Run test" buttons next to line numbers. Press the one next to class GeometryHelpersTest and watch the whole test suite execute.