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Building IceWM with CMake

The CMake build system for IceWM is an alternative to the traditional configure build system. The minimum supported CMake version is 3.2 (March 2015).

Installation instructions:

  • for system requirements, see the INSTALL file.
  • run: mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake ..
  • check the output. To change variables, rerun the command above and add: -DVARIABLE=value. To change the installation prefix to /opt/icewm run: cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/opt/icewm ... If some values are sticky or some checks are not rerun (although you might have installed the reported missing packages), delete the file CMakeCache.txt and try again.
  • run: make -j4
  • run: make install

Developer/Integrator notes:

  • you can see more internals and documented variables with "cmake -LAH"
  • CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS are appended to default compiler options. To override completely, see CXXFLAGS_COMMON in src/CMakeLists.txt
  • use cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=... (or related variables, see CMakeLists.txt) to specify the target file space (default is /usr/local)
  • make install DESTDIR=/elsewhere copies to another target location
  • Potential tuning options for smaller binaries, build analysis, ...
   -DEXTRA_MSGMERGE=--verbose -DEXTRA_MSGFMT=--verbose --log-level=VERBOSE
  • There is a special target called update_pot which refreshes the translation master template

  • Another special option is -DPO_UPDATE=ON which extends the install target to replace the PO files in the input source code. NOTE: this might trigger another recompilation of MO files later.

  • There is a configuration example for cmake builds in run: ./ -r --prefix=/usr