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Release icewm-3.5.1

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@gijsbers gijsbers released this 06 Jun 18:26


Add a permanent history of commands to the address bar.
Tab-complete usernames and environment variables in the address bar.
Add support for percentage of work area to icesh move.


Fix for building the manual on NetBSD.


Don't rearrange, but position limit windows on screen resizes.
Document that MailBoxPath is a list separated by spaces.
Warn if DESKTOP_SESSION is icewm instead of icewm-session.
Use 'space' instead of 'Space' in default key bindings.
Update the icewm manpage about the new address bar features.
Drop the empty Sinhala translation.
Updated translations: Portuguese + Brazil.

shasum icewm-3.5.1.tar.lz 11b4c665b2af5b5949e069edca87c7352464fdb6