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Build you own Oracle

This sample application is based on the oraclize-example of the Ethereum Studio and is the implementation part to the blog posts Gambling with Oracles and Build your own Oracle with Ethereum Studio.

  • Clone the project to your workspace.
git clone
cd oraclize-example
  • Start the web server for your own Oracle
npm install http-server -g
  • Select the project and start a sandbox. It will use Oraclize sandbox plugin with the following params (see ethereum.json):
"plugins": {
  "oraclize": {
    "networkID": 161,
    "loadRealData": true
  • Open a dialog of contract Contract and call update() with value 100000000000000000 in advanced parameters.

You will see requests and response in Oraclize Panel and contract logs in Ethereum Console.

Deploying to Morden

  • You can also deploy to Morden, you will have to change the networkID to 2 in ethereum.json and in the contract.sol constructor
  • Also, follow the instructions in the corresponding blog post
  • For invocation in Morden, always use 1 Ether as value for all calls to bet() or update()