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#  BetweenKit

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BetweenKit is a robust framework, built on UIKit that allows you to build drag-and-drop functionallity into your iOS application user interfaces.

BetweenKit is based on the concepts of the original i3-dragndrop helper, re-engineered from the ground up.

Check out the website and documentation for more.


  • Easy to integrate: aims to work smoothly alongside Apple's built in UI components.

  • Rich 'drag and drop' abstraction: abstracts away the gory details of gesture handling to provide a series of high-level 'drop/drop'-like events: drag starting, rearranging, deleting, dropping, etc.

  • Fully extensible: customize everything from the drag/drop properties of individual items in a collection, to how the various drag/drop events are rendered on-screen. SOLID design of its core components gives you the flexibillity to inject, extend, override, conform and take control.

  • Fully tested: ~100% unit test coverage, 20 functional use case applications, used in [production applications](Docs/Production on the App Store. It also comes bundled with a few test utilities to make it easier for contributors to write clean unit tests.

  • Fully documented: full written documentation, extensive inline comments and example code provided in the 20 use cases.

  • Reliable: tried, tested, refined, re-tried and re-tested once more.


BetweenKit is licensed under the MIT License. See here.


A robust drag-and-drop framework for iOS.




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