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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <sys/resource.h>
#include "json.h"
#include "tracer.h"
#include "tramp.h"
#include "util.h"
struct memprof_resources_stats {
long nsignals;
long inblock;
long oublock;
int64_t utime;
int64_t stime;
static struct tracer tracer;
static struct memprof_resources_stats stats;
static void
resources_trace_start() {
struct rusage usage;
getrusage(RUSAGE_SELF, &usage);
stats.nsignals = -usage.ru_nsignals;
stats.inblock = -usage.ru_inblock;
stats.oublock = -usage.ru_oublock;
stats.stime = -TVAL_TO_INT64(usage.ru_stime);
stats.utime = -TVAL_TO_INT64(usage.ru_utime);
static void
resources_trace_dump(json_gen gen) {
{ // calculate diff before dump, since stop is called after dump
struct rusage usage;
getrusage(RUSAGE_SELF, &usage);
stats.nsignals += usage.ru_nsignals;
stats.inblock += usage.ru_inblock;
stats.oublock += usage.ru_oublock;
stats.stime += TVAL_TO_INT64(usage.ru_stime);
stats.utime += TVAL_TO_INT64(usage.ru_utime);
json_gen_cstr(gen, "signals");
json_gen_integer(gen, stats.nsignals);
json_gen_cstr(gen, "inputs");
json_gen_integer(gen, stats.inblock);
json_gen_cstr(gen, "outputs");
json_gen_integer(gen, stats.oublock);
json_gen_cstr(gen, "stime");
json_gen_integer(gen, stats.stime);
json_gen_cstr(gen, "utime");
json_gen_integer(gen, stats.utime);
static void
resources_trace_stop() {
static void
resources_trace_reset() {
void install_resources_tracer()
tracer.start = resources_trace_start;
tracer.stop = resources_trace_stop;
tracer.reset = resources_trace_reset;
tracer.dump = resources_trace_dump; = "resources";
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