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task :spec do
Dir.chdir('ext') do
sh "make clean" rescue nil
sh "ruby extconf.rb"
sh "make"
sh "ruby spec/memprof_spec.rb"
task :default => :spec
# Should be used like:
# rake --trace ci[1.8.7,shared]
task :ci, [:ruby_type, :lib_option] do |t, args|
ruby_type, lib_option = args[:ruby_type], args[:lib_option]
raise "#{ruby_type} is not a supported ruby version" unless ["1.8.6", "1.8.7", "ree"].include?(ruby_type)
raise "#{lib_option} is not a supported " unless ["shared", "static"].include?(lib_option)
lib_option = case lib_option
when "static"
when "shared"
sh "/usr/bin/env bash -c \"
source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm &&
rvm install #{ruby_type} --reconfigure -C #{lib_option} &&
rvm #{ruby_type} --symlink memprof &&
memprof_gem install bacon\""
Dir.chdir('ext') do
sh '/usr/bin/env bash -c "make clean"' rescue nil
sh "~/.rvm/bin/memprof_ruby extconf.rb"
sh '/usr/bin/env bash -c "make"'
sh "~/.rvm/bin/memprof_ruby spec/memprof_spec.rb"
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