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My Dotfiles

I've been sharing my .dotfiles for quite some time now, but it was more of a chaotic mess than something really useful for another earthling.

Going on the thematic organization route with symlinks is a lot better for a number of reasons which I'm not going to tackle in this very README.

Be Back After The Break

              / \,,_  .'|
           ,{{| /}}}}/_.'
          }}}}` '{{'  '.
        {{{{{    _   ;, \
     ,}}}}}}    /o`\  ` ;)
    {{{{{{   /           (
    }}}}}}   |            \
   {{{{{{{{   \            \          ,-------------------------------.
   }}}}}}}}}   '.__      _  |        /       HI                        \
   {{{{{{{{       /`._  (_\ /       /      /   \                        |
    }}}}}}'      |    //___/   --= <   VVVI     HI-HI-HI                |
jgs `{{{{`       |     '--'         \                   \               |
     }}}`                            \                  HIM-HIM-HIM!!!  /

Getting Started

  • git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
  • cd ~/.dotfiles
  • bin/dot-install

If you clone to a non-standard location a.k.a not $HOME/.dotfiles be sure to edit bash/bashrc.symlink and update the DOT_HOME variable.

Behind the scenes magic

First of all your .dotfiles directory is scanned and all files ending with .bsh extension are sourced whenever you open up a terminal; this means that you can break down your EXPORTS, ENV at your hearts content without stuffing everything in a single file by just simply dropping in a new file somewhere within .dotfiles and presto you don't even need to edit anything. Neat isn't it?

Secondly, whenever you execute dot-install your .dotfiles directory is scanned for files ending with .symlink.

Some real life examples in order to illustrate how this works:

  • $DOT_HOME/vim/vimrc.symlink => $HOME/.vimrc
  • $DOT_HOME/vim/vim.symlink => $HOME/.vim
  • $DOT_HOME/gnome/gnome2/gedit/themes.symlink => $HOME/.gnome2/gedit/themes

That's all folks. Simple huh?

A small price to pay for well a organized .dotfiles collection which makes updating a joy and breeze.


In the $DOT_HOME/bin directory (which is automatically added to the PATH) there are a couple of helper or wrapper scripts which make my life easier in the first place and they might do the same for yours.

I would like to highlight the dot-aliases script which will list all your registered aliases sorted by topic inside your .dotfiles directory. You can even filter by topic using dot-aliases mytopic.

Also the dot-update will update your .dotfiles regardless of your current directory.


  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.


Copyright (c) 2011-2015, Mihail Szabolcs

Everything is provided as-is under the MIT license. For more information, see LICENSE.