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Small Prototype 2D Engine using Qt, OpenGL and Box2D

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Copyright (c) 2009, Mihail Szabolcs

Prototype2D is a small 2D engine built on the top of QT, OpenGL
and Box2D hacked together in a *few* days (not more than two weeks); 
mostly after work, so don't expect too much; as the name says it's a 
Prototype! :).

There aren't any good examples of this trio at the moment,
especially when it comes to Box2D with real 'textures'/'sprites'
and C++.

I'm not going to spend more time on developing this(at least
for now) but I learned a great deal of things while experimenting
and making all these work together (it's a hell of an ugly and
tendius job to make Box2D work as you want ...; but next time
it will be a hell lot easier ... LOL).

I tried to separate stuff as much as possible, so it's quite
'modular' and it can be easily extended. (e.g wrapping other
Box2D features)

If you find it useful, or you do something useful with it drop
me a line and I'll link back to your production.

	(using the p0w3r of QT as much as POSSIBLE)
	Texture class and Singleton Manager
		- textures are reference counted
	Actor class
		- wraps tons of Box2D boiler plate code
			- easy support for custom Box2D shapes
		- support for tiled animations
		- transparency ( blending )
		- etc ...
	ActorJoint class
		- wraps tons of the Box2D boiler plate code
		- custom wrapper for the b2RevoluteJoint
	World Class
		- wraps tons of Box2D boiler plate code
		- built-in actor drag-drop
		- actor management
			- sorting by z-order
			- generating unique names
			- finding actors by name
			- etc.
		- joint management
			- adding/removing joints
		- QT signal for collision detection
		- etc.
	Environment class
		- shares data across all the modules
	Game Manager class	
		- support for multiple built-in 'demos'
	Startup Dialog	
		- custom resolution / fullscreen
		- drop-down with all the registered 'demos' in
		  the Game Manager
	Canvas class
		- customized QGLWidget
		- anti-aliasing (multi-sampling) support (enabled by default)
		- debug draw for physics bodies
		- different render paths (all rendering goes through one pipe)
			- textured
			- textured with blending
			- wireframe
			- imediate mode / vertex arrays (enabled by default)
			- etc.
	Window class
		- show / hide (track) mouse
		- capture keyboard input
		- resizeable window
		- etc.
		- custom types (vector, point, etc)
		- screen to world converter macro
		- world to screen converter macro
		- etc.
It should work/run and compile fine on all three platforms:
Linux (hey it's me!), Windows and MacOSX (possibly Open Solaris).
	Graphics -- Lost Garden (


Release Notes:

Jul 19, 2009 - v0.1 released (initial release)
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