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Author: Maria Larsson (

This is a Singer tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec.


  • Generates a catalog of available data in Centra

  • Extracts the following resources:

    • orders

Quick Start

  1. Install
git clone
cd tap-centra
pip install -e .
  1. Get an API key from Centra
  1. Create the config file.

There is a template you can use at config.json.example, just copy it to config.json in the repo root and insert your token and email

  1. Run the application to generate a catalog.
$ tap-centra -c config.json --discover > catalog.json

Note: if you want to automatically select all fields, run:

$ tap-centra -c config.json --discover | jq '.streams[].metadata[0].metadata.selected = true' > catalog.json

(Check out the included Makefile for shortcuts)

  1. Select the tables you'd like to replicate

Step 4 generates a a file called catalog.json that specifies all the available endpoints and fields. You'll need to open the file and select the ones you'd like to replicate. See the Singer guide on Catalog Format for more information on how tables are selected.

  1. Run it!
tap-centra -c config.json --catalog catalog.json


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