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Bunch of UI features + some fixes #17

merged 4 commits into from Jun 1, 2014
Commits on May 20, 2014
  1. Check for 'NoRemote' property in HostInfo

    rplociennik committed May 20, 2014
    * HostInfo
      - HostInfo::noRemote() added.
Commits on May 21, 2014
  1. Collect and display additional stats on MainWindow's status bar

    rplociennik committed May 20, 2014
    * MainWindow
      - Optional status bar labels now only become visible when they contain text.
      - Network label has been merged with scheduler label due to inconsistency
        in setting/getting the network name.
      - Scheduler label now displays '<schedName>[ @ <netName>]' when connected,
        instead of a generic 'Scheduler is online' message.
      - Now manages a list of active jobs in order to provide the following stats
        on the status bar:
        - Number of currently running jobs/max jobs available in the network per
        - Colored list of nodes currently running their jobs per platform.
    * HostInfoManager
      - Now is a subclass of QObject.
      - Exposes a hostMapChanged() signal.
    * Monitor
      - Now exposes a jobUpdated() signal.
    * Job
      - Now exposes isDone() and isActive() properties.
    * Added utils.h/ (which contain mostly QColor helpers for now).
      - StatusView::textColor() now utilizes utils::getBetterContrastColor().
  2. Display more information in 'Star View'

    rplociennik committed May 20, 2014
    * StarView
      - Node's text is now displayed using QGraphicsTextItem to allow rich text
        formatting and as a result:
        - Node's text now displays the number of currently running jobs/max jobs in
          the second line.
        - Initial scheduler's node name is now set to "<b>?</b>" while connecting.
      - Nodes and halos are now drawn with a darker border whose color is controlled
        by HostItem::PenDarkerFactor constant. This causes multiple jobs/halos to
        appear as clearly visible stripes around nodes.
      - Halos' zValues are now updated during HostItem::updateHalos() for proper Z
        ordering of subsequent halos.
      - 'no remote' nodes are displayed differently than the other nodes.
      - Node's ellipse is now properly Sqrt(2) times larger than the TextItem's
        bounding rectangle in order to contain it.
      - HostItem::baseXMargin() and HostItem::baseYMargin() now return the size
        difference between the TextItem's bounding rectangle and the final ellipse's
        bounding rectangle.
      - HostItem::HaloMargin is now a constant.
      - Removed the HostItem( const QString& text, [...] ) constructor in favor of
        setFixedText() method designed for the scheduler node.
      - The scheduler HostItem is no longer deleted and recreated every time
        the connection is lost (due to availability of setFixedText()).
  3. Make 'Detailed Host View' properly handle offline and indicate 'no re…

    rplociennik committed May 20, 2014
    …mote' nodes
    * HostListModel
      - Offline nodes no longer creep back onto the list.
      - Now has a 'No remote?' column.
      - Hosts with 'no remote' are now displayed grayed out (but not disabled).